Lextray offers legal consultancy (judicial and extrajudicial) to groups, enterprises and private clients. Lextray's team consists of professionals who are experts in International Civil Law (Companies, M&As, Capital Markets, IPOs, Securities, Real Estate Investment Funds, Private Equity, Securitisation, Asset Protection, Trusts, Industrial and Intellectual Property, Contracts, Antitrust and Competition, Real Estate, Energy, Family and Probate, Credit Recovery), in International Tax Law (Tax Organisation, Planning, Opinions and Litigation), in Law and Practice of Insolvency and Pre-Insolvency Procedures, in Administrative Law, in Corporate Criminal Law, Tax and Bankruptcy in Judicial and Extrajudicial Litigation as well as in International Arbitration.
In particular, the services we offer are focused on:

Tax  areas:

  • International tax organisation and planning;
  • International tax opinions;
  • Consultancy on direct and indirect corporate taxes, etc.; and
  • Tax Litigation.

Legal Areas:

  • International corporate law, practice and governance;
  • M&A: Mergers, Demergers, Contributions, Spin-Offs and Acquisitions, Fund Raising, Investment Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, etc.;
  • Capital Markets and IPOs;
  • Securities and Real Estate Investment Funds, Private Equity and Securitisation;
  • Asset Protection and Trusts; 
  • International Contracts;
  • Industrial Law and Intellectual Property;
  • Antitrust and Competition;
  • Real Estate and Energy;
  • Insolvency and Pre-Insolvency Procedures;
  • Probate and Family Law;
  • Corporate Criminal Law, Tax and Bankruptcy;
  • Administrative Law;
  • Judicial and Extrajudicial Litigation; and
  • International Arbitration.